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  Childbirth Classes and Doula Services

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Celebrating 16 Years!

VBAC Safer than RCS

Safely VBAC After 40 Wks

VBA2C is Safe!

VBA3C or More is Safe!

VBA3C or More is Safe!

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

VBAC Safety

 Below is the most updated research on the safety of VBAC:

  • VBAC is Safer than Repeat Cesarean
  • Women Who Go Beyond 40 weeks of Pregnancy can Safely VBAC
  • VBA2C has Very Low Risks
  • VBA3C has Same Level of Risks as VBAC
  • VBACing after Having a Cesarean with Twins is Safe
  • VBACing with Big Babies (over 9lbs) is Safe and has a High Success Rate

Amazing resource on VBAC research:

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